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Chattanooga, TN.

Guardians of Giza

Envision stepping through the sands into a mysterious tomb with just a torch to lead the way. You’ll have 60 minutes to delve into the Egyptian burial chambers, solve scrolls and scarabs in an effort to find your way back home and avert an impending disaster of mythical proportions. Enjoy exploring our expansive Egyptian enigma, where the hieroglyphics may contain vital clues on a journey of untold secrets just awaiting the valiant souls who dare to venture forth.

Shadow of Whitechapel

The Whitechapel district of London has become the haunting grounds of a string of gruesome homicides. Our investigation points towards artifacts that may be connected to the chilling incidents that ultimately led to the untimely demise of a Scotland Yard detective. Begin by searching the area, meticulously scouring the district for any overlooked clues left behind by the previous detectives.

Mystery in the Mausoleum

A gruesome figure emerged from the 1925 Church Hill Tunnel collapse with sharp pointed teeth and flesh hanging from its’ body. It was said to have dashed towards the Hollywood Cemetery, disappearing into the W.W. Pool Mausoleum. Think you have what it takes to venture into W.W. Pool’s Mausoleum in an attempt to discover what really happened the night of the tunnel collapse?


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